Understanding and Addressing Childcare Challenges

In October 2022, The Guardian highlighted an alarming 79,000 parents leaving the workforce due to family commitments, should this trend continue the workforce could see an additional 237,000 parents leaving over the next 3 years. This projection underscores the gravity of the issue which could actually be far worse, with 2022 seeing a 12.6% increase of women aged 25-34 leaving the work force. 

Can businesses truly afford to lose that much talent every year?

During our ‘No Parent Forced Out Practical Solutions to Retain Top Talent’ event at the House of Commons on the 4th September we explored the challenges affecting parents being able to return to work, and the benefits workplaces can gain by addressing these challenges.

Here is part 1 of our post event report, a comprehensive guide on the barriers affecting
working parents and how workplaces can address them

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