Connecting nurseries and workplaces to help you access additional funding

Unleash the Potential of your Children

We understand the challenges you face in providing the best care and education for the children in your nursery. It's not an easy task.

Funding constraints have become an ever-present obstacle, making it increasingly difficult to maintain the standards of excellence you strive for, not to mention the changing government schemes and announcements that drive uncertainty over the future.  


But here's the good news: We have a solution that can alleviate some of your financial concerns and empower you to deliver even better outcomes for the children you serve. 


Introducing The Herde's Partnership Program! By joining forces with us, you can unlock, on average, an additional £1000 in funding per year for each child who participates in our scheme. That's right – an extra £1000 per child per year, enabling you to enhance the learning experience, invest in resources, and provide the best care possible. 


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How does it work?

The workplace nursery salary sacrifice scheme enables employees of registered workplaces to sacrifice the cost of their nursery fees from their salary in exchange for the workplace paying the nursery directly. Enabling employees to pay their nursery fees before tax, reducing the tax and national insurance contributions made.

Parents will provide their workplace with their preferred nursery placement, such as yours, for the workplace and nursery to enter into a workplace nursery partnership agreement. The Herde then supports onboarding requirements and manages all pre-agreed monthly payments – meaning no more chasing for those monthly fees!

Becoming part of The Herde enables nurseries to partner with workplaces who will provide additional funding that can be used to support the running of your nursery. This funding will be guaranteed for all children whose fees are paid within the scheme and will be incremental, meaning the more parents who pay their fees through The Herde, the more funding you will receive.


  • Additional funding for every child whose fees are paid through The Herde monthly (8% of nursery fees per child)
  • Access to The Herde central fund for additional request-based ad-hoc funding
  • Workplace nursery manager who fully manages the scheme for you
  • Automated payment direct from workplace, no need to chase parents
    – Incentive to increase nursery hours for parents due to cost savings
  • The Herde will provide all rollout and marketing support to help grow the number of children using the scheme, increasing the amount of additional funding you’ll be able to receive.
  • The nursery must be registered with the appropriate registered body; Ofsted, the Health and Social Care Trusts (Northern Ireland), the Care Standards Inspectorate (Wales) and the Scottish Care Commission, and meet The Herde’s financial stability requirements
  • The premises where the care is provided is not used wholly or mainly as a private dwelling (childminders and nanny services are not covered by the scheme)
  • Care is provided under arrangements between the employer and nurseries, which includes the workplace supporting both financially and managing the provision of care.
  • You must meet The Herde’s financial stability requirements

There is no cost to the nursery to join the scheme

The Nursery will invoice The Herde for each child enrolled in the scheme for both the nursery fee + 8%. The Herde will pay you directly for all children enrolled onto the scheme.

The Herde has worked extensively with tax experts to ensure compliance with HMRC guidelines. However, should there be cause for HMRC to dispute the compliance, it will be both The Herde and the workplaces responsibility to prove compliance. There is no financial risk to the nurseries involved.

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