It’s time to make childcare more affordable

Imagine a world where your family can thrive

Where parents don’t have to pause their ambitions

Where nurseries are empowered and children flourish

And where your workplace supports the reality of family life

We're passionate about creating a system that works... We're The Herde.

Connecting workplaces and nurseries to reduce childcare costs

The Herde creates a system that enables the existing workplace nursery scheme to scale; connecting workplaces and nurseries to provide significant benefits for workplaces, nurseries, and parents.

- Reducing childcare costs by 32-59% for parents 

- Building profitable, diverse workforces

- Enabling nurseries to thrive through additional funding sources


They say it takes a village… you need The Herde.
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What is the workplace nursery scheme?

Workplace nurseries are childcare facilities provided by an employer, often these are commercial nurseries who partner with workplaces to offer childcare provision to their staff through a tax exempt salary sacrifice scheme. 

The scheme allows eligible staff to opt into a salary sacrifice arrangement, by which you sacrifice the amount of your childcare fees from your salary, enabling you to recognise significant tax and national insurance savings.  

How much you could save?

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